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brad norton

owner / Woodworker


What started out as a hobby has developed into a business. I discovered my love for woodworking over 20 years ago and have completed numerous projects for myself, friends and loved ones. Now, I’m taking on customers and hope to help bring their ideas to life. I am excited to take on these new challenges and continue to master the art of woodworking. There is no project too big or too small. No idea that is too crazy. I will do my absolute best to bring your idea to life!

Being from a small town in Iowa with good ole midwestern values, I’ve learned that making the customer happy is the best form of advertising you can get! I’ve also learned that hard work and dedication can lead to great things. I believe the only way to make something is to make it by hand, with love, and care. This idea is disappearing in today’s world and that’s a tragedy.

I’ve been raising a family for the past twenty plus years, and as my three girls become older and more independent, I find that I have more time to devote to my passion, which is woodworking.  

I live on my ranch with my wife, two daughters who are still in school, and our three dogs. We named our ranch “3 Dog Ranch” after our three beloved dogs. My wife, Teresa will be my partner in this endeavor and will be helping out with the “behind the scenes” parts of the business so I can focus on doing what I love, designing and building projects of all kinds.

I will specialize in projects using reclaimed lumber from barns, cribs and granaries but I am not limited to those types of projects. I can build projects with new lumber as well. Anything from planter boxes to farmhouse dining room tables, Christmas decor to bed frames. At Against the Grain Woodshop, we can do it all. You will see a few of my projects on this site and I will be adding to it as new projects are completed.

I look forward to this opportunity to create new projects and to meet new customers and I feel truly blessed to be able to do the thing that I love doing.  

At Against the Grain Woodshop, we believe that building things by hand is the only way to build them! 

Brad and Teresa Norton